Lonavin's Studded Leather Armor


Studded Leather Armor (Masterwork)
Cost: 200gp
AC Bonus: + 3
Max Dex Bonus: + 5
Armor Check Penalty: 0
Arcane Spell Failure Chance: 15%
Speed: 30/20ft
Weight: 20lbs
- Dark Coloring: + 2 Hide when in low light conditions
- Quick Release Snaps: Armor can be doffed as a full-round action instead of 6 rounds.


During a night time defense of a village, Lonovan discovered that he could improve his ability to hide in the shadows by smearing ash and coal over his armor. Later, when he had the abilities of an armor smith at his disposal, he commissioned a suit of studded leather armor to be made with quick release snaps and dyed black. The dark coloring renders him more difficult to spot in darkness and the quick release snaps allow him to dispose of his armor at a moments notice if required.

Lonavin's Studded Leather Armor

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