Aliena Jowett

Cleric of the Church of Karameikos


6th level Human Cleric, lawfulish alignment. Languages: Traldaran, Thyatin, Elven. Domains; Healing & Glory (pg44 core rule book). Str:14, Dex:15, Con:16, Int:14, Wis:18, Cha:17. AC:17 HP:60. Skills: Diplomacy 12, Heal 12, Perception 7, Sense Motive 13, Spellcraft 11, Knowledge (Arcana) 6, Knowledge (Religion) 11, Knowledge (planes) 6, Knowledge (History) 6, Knowledge (Nobility) 6. Feats: Extra Channel (plus 2 Channels per day), Improved Channel (plus 2 on Channel Energy DC), Turn Undead (Undead in 30’ radius, no matter size of HD, flee if save is failed), Selective Channeling (Targets on individual rather than radius effect). Channeling Energy: Heal/Damage 3d6 30’ radius, 6 times per day, DC save vs will is 10+3(level/2) plus 3(Cha bonus) plus 2 (Domain of Glory) plus 2 (Improved Channel)=20. Spells: 0-4, 1st-4+1, 2nd-4+1, 3rd-3+1. Combat: BAB-4, Melee-6, Ranged-6. CMB=6, Combat Manoeuvre=18, CMD=16. Fortitude Save=8, Reflex Save=4, Will Save=9. Flat footed AC=10, Touch AC=12. Wields a large Mace, and wears traditional Traldaran Scale armor. 5’5" mid back blonde hair pulled back and braided with leather strips braided in, large blue eyes, fair skin. Deceitfully strong for her petite frame she moves gracefully and effortlessly. Adept in battle and wields her mace for the Order of the Griffon, but first and foremost is a scholar of, and for the church. She will most often times be found studying in one of the churches many libraries. Often times the church and the Order of the Griffon will use her skills, beauty, knowledge of history, religion, & geography as a negotiator and ambassador when conflicts arise.


Aliena Jowett

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