On the Threshold of War

The Underbelly of Castle Caldwell

Deep in the bowels of Castle Caldwell, our adventurers are broken and battered. Alastair, Liam, and Si’lex begrudgingly welcomed Lonovan, a self-proclaimed and woefully unprepared ‘traveling merchant’ to the party, under the caveat that he would be escorted to safety in order to find his way back to Duke’s Road.

Descent into the Keep’s underbelly found yet more adventurers trapped by Castle Caldwell. A mysterious stranger, a towering, powerful visage of a man, Wargaath the Duke of Baal joined the adventurer as well as his weaker companion. Together the band of adventurers discovered an insidious undead infestation. Alastair, having held the line ’gainst three ghuls, clings to life as Wargaath, Liam and Lonovan maintain their tenuous position in the bowels of the dungeon.



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