On the Threshold of War

In Pursuit!

Having cleared Castle Caldwell of the undead menace, our newly expanded party returned to Threshold to find the gates barred under marshall law. Once entry was gained Alastair’s father, pressed with a new threat, charged the party with the rescue of Aliena, the daughter of Patriarch Jowett of the Church of Karameikos. Under unanimous agreement the party would embark on a journey to see her to safety. After settling up on the agreement with Clifton Caldwell, noting his suspicious body language and mannerisms, the party rested for the night plotting their course of action and sharing the booty from their most recent adventure.

The next day the party awoke at first light to finalize preparations for their journey. They reluctantly gained their eighth member, a cleric and brother of Aliena, Bendricks Jowett. The first day of travel ended at a ramshackle farmer’s hut, who had given them hospitality for the night under the condition that no one leave the barn. After a brief nighttime encounter with a lycanthrope, that was actually the farmers son, the group embarked on the second days travel.

Travel to Specularum by way of road was interrupted by a river crossing. The ferryman, seemingly beaten by marauders and threatened with the prospect of losing his daughter, refused to conduct passage. Growing impatient the party took matters into their own hands, hijacking the ferry and embarking across the river. On the far bank, a man in red and black robes flanked by two massive goblinoids stepped from hiding, slicing the throat of a young girl, undoubtedly the boatman’s daughter. Moments later he summoned forth a magical beast made entirely of water to accost the party.

In a moment of supreme self-sacrifice the Half Orc volunteered to be hurled towards the far bank to save the girl. While the plan was hastily pieced together, the Self Proclaimed Merchant, Lonovan taunted the menacing water beast and was struck low by a mighty blow, his heroic sacrifice secured the actions of his comrades. With the momentum of the massive blow catapulting the ferryboat, the strength two raging barbarians, and a healthy dose of luck, the Orc Half-breed flew like an arrow, landing just shy of the dying girl. Si’lek stepped into the breach where Lonovan had fallen, holding the line with his agile manuevers, giving the creature pause momentarily until his comrades could aid their fallen ally. Seeing his fallen companion, Alastair rallied to the defense the merchant, leading the charge while both barbarians followed on his flanks forming a defensive wall, preventing the beast from finishing it’s work with Lonovan. Bendriks, this being his first true combat test was terrified by the monster, bolstered by his heroic compatriots he crept into the fray laying healing hands upon Lonovan to stabilize and miraculously brought him back to consciousness. Heroic actions from all granted the adventurer’s the upper hand. The victory seemed to defy odds, clearly the Immortals had been on their side.

The party whisked the stabilized young girl towards the town of Verge just to the south in hot pursuit of Bargle, the Court Wizard and right hand agent of Baron von Hendricks. The Iron Ring was no longer a myth and no doubt at the center of it was the Black Eagle Barony.



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